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H2BE Products
A new way to change your inner programming to attract what you really want, there are 3 magnets that you can put anywhere to remind you of what you can accomplish. It starts with opening your heart.

Crystal pendants for your pet's health and happiness.

Stones and crystals are wrapped in copper wire in different styles and sizes to match the needs and size of your dog.  Choose from rose quartz, moss agate, smokey quartz, turquoise, carnelian, or a combination of two or more to make your pup's collar fashion forward as it heals. 

Every pendant is handmade and unique.  

Check them out in the GingerBling shop on Etsy.com

Ginger Bling 
Each magnet comes with a brochure that shows you how to maximize your use of the magnets.  
Prosperity and abundance is a state of mind.  Learn to see your life in an abundant way.
Prosperity Magnet
Love Magnet
Love is everywhere and makes you who you are.  Learn to recognize the love already in your life.
I Am
You are more than you can imagine!  Change your inner dialogue to reflect your obvious magnificence.
Choose one, or all three and open your heart to the person you were born to be!
Furry Earthlings
Learn all about Reiki and the power of positive pet parenting. 

 www.FurryEarthlings.com is a Wordpress blog site that showcases Valorie Maya's love for animals. Check it out!  
Happy Earthling
Another Wordpress site where Valorie examines different healing modalities and recommends her favorite teachers.  

Valorie's bird, Charlie, is an artist.  You will be amazed to see what designs her
little bird brain came up with!

www.artfulbird.com has canvases and prints for sale.