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 What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is simply this:  You attract to you what you put out into the world.  

The theory behind the universal law of attraction in that we create our own reality with our thoughts, beliefs and actions.  We choose what our lives look like.  For instance, we can limit our ability to prosper by limiting our belief that we can prosper, or we can focus on our already abundant life to create more of the same.  The belief about the law of attraction is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are pure energy, that energy attracts like energy, and our dominant thoughts will always find a way to manifest.

​When we choose to believe that we have the power accomplish anything we want and express gratitude for what we have we find ways to make our biggest dreams come true.  We become creative, positive, hopeful and generous.  We enjoy our lives and want to share our prosperity with others.  We can be perfectly happy with our lives and have the uncanny ability to manifest whatever we want.

On the flip side, if we choose to focus on what we don't want, feelings of lack and fear of success, we live an unfulfilled life of negativity and unrealized dreams.  We can become mean spirited, unsupportive of others and unhappy with our lives.  No matter how much we might wish for more, we'll never see the opportunities and help that is offered to us.  Life is full of disappointment, anger and worry.  Prosperity is an unreachable dream.

Everything vibrates at a particular frequency.  What makes us unhappy and wish for more are the lower frequency situations and beliefs. To attract high frequency situations we must get into alignment with those frequencies.  This means we have to take responsibility for what we're experiencing.  It requires brutal honesty to see what we are doing that attract what we don't want then make changes toward the positive. 

From birth we are sponges for knowledge, and everything we learn gets embedded into our subconscious.  Our teachers can unwittingly program us to attract what we don't want from life by focusing on what not to do instead of what we should do.  Most of our roadblocks to abundance and prosperity are buried deep beneath our conscious thoughts, but we can consciously reprogram ourselves to become magnets to our deepest desires.  All it takes is the ability to stay aware of what we are thinking and doing and make necessary changes toward the positive.

To make the law of attraction work for you instead of against you, you must revisit your program and make revisions.  You have years and years of belief systems that affect your ability to attract the higher vibration energies.  Act and respond to things differently and different things will occur.  Change how you think about your life situations and your experiences will be different.  For example: the beliefs, "I don't have enough money," or "I don't have enough talent to become a good musician."  You have to consciously change those thoughts to something like, "I know I can bring in extra income," or "I love to play the guitar and make music."  In this way you can change the frequency of your thoughts to a higher level of positivity, and those higher frequencies will seek out other situations that vibrate at those high frequencies.  You attract better opportunities, happy outcomes, other people who vibrate higher.

Choose to put your attention on what you want and be really clear about it.  You create an energetic force with your heart and mind that the universe responds to on equal terms.  Be aware of what you don't want, but use it to determine what you do want; then adjust your focus to achieve it.  The universe will meet your expectations with ease.   

​You might be experiencing resistance to achieving your goal.  Everybody deals with some level of resistance.  Resistance comes from your inner programming, it reacts to your comfort zone. There is a reason you haven't reached your goal - take some time to examine and work through those reasons why you think you can't do something until you have no more resistance. Think outside of the box and step out of your comfort zone.  

There are three main steps to attracting prosperity and abundance:

​1.  Ask.  Know what you want. Be specific and don't be afraid to shoot for the moon.  As soon as you have  a    picture in your mind of what you want to accomplish, your brain will automatically start working to find a way to make it happen and the universe will put opportunities in your path to help you along.

2.  Believe.  Believe in your abilities, your talents, and your strength to achieve, believe that everything is possible, believe in the power of your mind, believe that you deserve abundance and prosperity, and believe in the support of the universe.  Doubt will hold you back.  Fear will stop you from trying.  It's difficult to attract jobs and money and all of the things you desire if you don't feel deserving.  Focusing on the good and staying positive about every outcome will go a long way toward attracting abundance beyond your wildest imagination.  

3.  Act.  You can't just wish for abundance.  You have to take action.  Stay open to recognizing the opportunities presented to you and take advantage of them.  Pay attention to your innermost thoughts and intuition.  You already know what to do, and it's up to you to follow through with your problem solving abilities.  Don't be afraid to ask for assistance if you need help - you will find that you've attracted others on your same path that have already solved your problem and would love to share their experiences with you.

The universe has an infinite supply of abundance.  Prosperity is available to everybody.  You can have everything you want, and even more.  
 Recognize Love
Quantum physics theorizes that love is the cohesive power of the Universe that holds together every electron in every atom that comprises form.  All matter is energy in movement and love is an energy that vibrates at one of the highest frequencies.  Love is in everything and is everywhere and it's available to us in every form.  

Love can heal our minds and bodies, create a barrier against fear, and attract more love.  We are physical forms of love.  The Earth and the cosmos around us is held together with love.  All of nature is an expression of love.  

The key to feeling loved is to open up your heart to the love that surrounds you.  

The problem is that most of us have closed our hearts to protect ourselves from pain, either perceived or pain already inflicted by others, then find ourselves cut off from all love.  We have to learn how to stay open and feel protected at the same time.  To attract love we must be open to letting it in.  We must be willing to invite all love into our hearts.  Being picky about it will only limit our ability to attract love.

Start with nature.  Have you ever wondered why you feel better when you spend some time outside in the park, on the beach, taking a walk on a nature trail?  Take your shoes off and stand in the grass.  Take a deep breath and feel the oxygen in your lungs.  Smell the scent of blooming flowers and rain drenched foliage, listen to the sounds of the birds and bugs, of the breeze in the trees, of the ocean waves.  This is the Earth sharing love with you.  She is filling your heart with all that you need, soothing your nerves, showing you beauty, reassuring you that no matter what happens you have a place to go for comfort. 

Don't limit your ability to recognize love.  Allow it to show itself to you in any form:  your neighbor says hello, your cat rubs it's face on your leg, your garden flowers with fresh blooms, your client pays you with a smile. Love presents itself in the smallest of gestures.  Allow it in.

Reciprocate in turn - pay it forward.  Say hello to your coworker, give your cat a treat, tip your waiter an extra dollar because you know he's had a hard day.  The smallest gifts can add up to great rewards.  Allowing yourself to give love freely will attract more love to you.  Your open heart and open mind will act as a beacon to those who want to share their love with you.  Don't set limits on giving and receiving gestures of love.  Show your love by accepting the gifts of love already being offered to you without judgement.  

As you live in the vibration of love your personal energy vibration resonates at a high frequency.  It lifts you to a higher state of consciousness and frees you of the thoughts, feelings and actions that create the baggage of negativity and limited thinking.  You'll feel lighter and shine brighter, becoming the magnet that attracts more love and light.  Learning to live in this frequency is why you are here - it's your birthright.

Before you know it, you'll be overflowing with love.

  Think: Prosperity 
The Power of "I Am"
Considered two of the most powerful words in the world of the law of attraction, what you say after "I am" shapes your reality.

 "I am" is who you are.  "I am" has the power to limit you or free you.  You must be careful of what you put after these two words. 

Think about it - take a minute and finish the sentence:  "I am..."

What came into your head?  

If you say "I am" and finish with something positive, you will create positive experiences in your life:  I am safe, I am strong, I am one with the creative power of life.  Unfortunately for most of us, fear, pain, and previous experiences have a way of keeping us focused on the negative: I am tired, I am unworthy, I am poor, I am destined to fail.  

But remember that the law of attraction says that what you put out into the world you will attract.

To change what you attract, you must pay attention to the inner dialogue running in the background noise of your mind.  Listen for it, recognize what you hear, and change it to reflect you in a positive way.  It'll take practice, but it can be done.  

Try it:  sit for a minute and listen to what comes up after you say, "I am."  Write it down, create a list of everything that comes to mind.  Answer the questions, "How are you?" "Who are you?"

Go over your list and change the things that need to be changed.  For instance, "I am broke"  can be changed to "I am working on making more money."   "I am short" can be changed to "I am the perfect height for me."  If you are feeling sad or angry at the moment, take a minute to feel the emotions and let them go.  "I am sad" can be, "I am feeling much better now."  "I have hope."  "I forgive."  "I am love."  

All of these feelings, desires, and states of being vibrate at a particular frequency.  The worse you feel about things, yourself and your reality the slower and lower your frequency vibrates.  Because you are a magnet, you will attract low frequency situations to match what you already reflect.  By changing what you say and think to a higher frequency statement you change the frequency at which you vibrate, hence attract higher frequency situations and emotions.  You may not have known what your inner dialogue was in your head, but once you become aware of it you can create a new dialogue to reflect your higher state of being.

You have all the power you need to create the life you desire.  You have the tools.  You must take charge of what comes after, "I Am," and take charge of your life.