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About Happy 2 Be Earthbound, LLC
H2BE is dedicated to providing you supportive and positive tools that will enhance your life and help you create a world that you love to live in.

It's a continuously growing company created by Valorie Maya, author and entrepreneur, open to new opportunities and ideas.

Valorie started her H2BE journey taking classes on internet marketing, but found that the internet world was moving and changing too fast to keep up. So she focused on becoming a coach.  After getting certified as a Life Optimization coach then training to be a Profit From Your Passions Coach and getting licensed, she realized she needed to go back to her true passion.

She'd spent the last 30 years studying the law of attraction, energy healing, and the power of crystals and stones.  Val became very crafty, working with glass, wood, beads, and whatever material she could get her hands on, creating American Indian power shields, stained glass windows and decorations, woodcarving zuni-style animal totems and hearts, making jewelry and weaving lamp shades with crystals and glass beads.  She's very inspired by nature.

Val's love of animals led her to animal communication, Reiki, and writing, which is now her main focus.  She's writing a book that was inspired by her most spiritual companion, a Scottish terrier named Junior, offers Reiki to companion animals, and strives to aid in the vibrational rise of the frequency of the planet by changing the negative outlook of our lives into a positive one.  We live on a beautiful miracle of nature and have the ability to enjoy every second of it.  Valorie hopes to share her optimism with you while she expresses herself creatively.

Happy 2 be Earthbound is the cradle of all this creativity, the parent website that fosters all of the brain children that Val gives birth to.  Her goal is to create a business that helps people grow, help animals heal, and help the planet shift into a higher vibration.
We can all be Happy to be Earthbound!